Introduction To Trout Fishing : 7-9 Nov 2014 Oct22


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Introduction To Trout Fishing : 7-9 Nov 2014


Fishing for trout has long been a passion of mine. I enjoy catching these wonderful sport fish on bait, cast-and-retrieved lures, while trolling and also when using fly gear. Now I’d like to share with you what I’ve learnt about trout and how to fool them over my four decades of fishing for these wily immigrants.

This weekend residential workshop (7-9 November 2014) offers you a unique chance to learn and share experiences with like-minded anglers while enjoying the luxury and culinary delights of Crackenback Resort and Spa, set on the upper Thredbo River in the very heart of Snowy Mountains’ trout country. While the major emphasis of the workshop will be on spinning and lure casting techniques for trout using both hard and soft lures, we’ll also touch briefly on bait fishing, trolling and fly casting tactics. More importantly, we’ll try to get right into the pea-sized yet challenging brains of these special fish! We’ll learn about their habits, diet, physiology, reproduction and life cycle, as well as studying the places where they live, and examining the forces that dictate their likely position or placement within any given stretch of stream or section of lake… Then we’ll put all this new-found knowledge into practice and go fishing together!


It’s easy to see why trout fall for lures!

This is a small, intimate workshop, so you’ll get plenty of one-on-one time from me, as well as from my two fellow presenters: internationally certified instructor and trout guide, Matt Tripet, and my good wife, Jo Starling, who is a maestro when it comes to teaching knots and rigs, even to the ten-thumbed and functionally dyslexic amongst us!

The amazingly low package price for this weekend workshop covers all sorts of extras and goodies. Participation also puts you in the running to win one of two pairs of premium Mako polarised sunglasses. So don’t sit there thinking about it! Follow the link here and sign up for this wonderful weekend now… I promise you won’t regret it.